Due to recent high demand and outages we have purchased a more powerfull server. Over the next couple of days we will be moving all customers to this server. During this move we will also have extended support hours in case there are any issues during the move/migration. This new server also offers improved outbound mail scanning via SpamExperts & Mailchannels in an effort to fight outgoing email SPAM. If you are using IP based custom DNS look for information on the new IP ranges as well.

Update - 1:30 AM CST
All client data has been copied and is in the process of being restored. DNS records have been updated and should take affect shortly. If your site is using WordPress you will need to upload a fresh copy of "wp-cron.php" if it's missing as this file was not copied on some accounts during the migrations for some reason.

Freitag, Juli 6, 2018

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