CPU Resource Usage

T1 Servers monitors all CPU usage on Shared and Reseller plans. The limitations for each of our hosting options are explained in detail below. This article will assist you with being familiar with our resource limits as well as advanced methods for checking CPU usage.

Shared Accounts

This limit is for the entire account and is shared by all sites installed on the same cPanel.

It is unlikely that you hit the 50% CPU usage for 90 seconds at a time, unless your site is script intensive and requires more processing.

Here are some valuable tricks to lessen your CPU usage.

  • Reduce your number of banners and ads from other sites.
  • Avoid using too many scripts, and do not force html to handle server-side code (like php and shtml).
  • Avoid using https protocol as much as possible; encrypting and decrypting communications is noticeably more CPU-intensive than unencrypted communications.

Flash, video, audio, and image files are downloaded to the browser. This uses bandwidth only.

Reseller Accounts

Reseller Accounts have the same limits as Shared Accounts, however, the limit is per cPanel, not for the entire reseller package. 

However, if you have multiple cPanel accounts contributing to a server problem, we may suspend any of them.

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