Mail Policy and Limits

500 Hourly Maximum Outgoing Email Limit

This policy is applicable on a per domain basis on all Shared and Reseller Accounts, meaning that each addon and subdomain gets its own separate 500 outgoing emails per hour limit. This also applies to mailing lists. If a user sends over 500 emails in any hour, the emails will fail and may bounce back with an undeliverable error.

If you receive a bounceback indicating that your email has been flagged as spam due to exceeding the 500 email per hour limit, wait until the next hour to continue sending emails. If the problem does not go away, please contact us.

Each Connecting IP is Limited to 30 POP Checks per Hour

Users who attempt to go over the 30 check limit will likely get a password error indicating that the login is incorrect. The login error will subside within an hour and the email check will automatically unlock. The best way to prevent this occurrence is to disable email settings that automatically send and receive or set the email check to a higher time interval, such as checking once every 10 minutes.


All online businesses that uses email marketing must follow and understand all of the CAN-SPAM rules listed below:

  • Message must be identifiable as an advertisement
  • Message must include an unsubscribe mechanism
  • Message must include a valid physical postal address.

Note: Deceptive subject lines and false headers are outlawed and taken very seriously. You will be held responsible if anyone sends emails on your behalf.

Open Relays

Open relays are mail daemons that allow mail to be sent without authentication to a valid local user. These relays are not allowed on T1 Servers services.

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